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Do you feel like your food service business is in the weeds sometimes?

Has your eatery seen better days? In a world of competition, having the right business model in place is essential for your success. For professional guidance when you need it most, turn to  Chef David, your vegan restaurant business consultant at The Kitchen Ace.Local to the New York City and Hudson Valley region, I am committed to providing you with the support you need for your restaurant. I offer everything from restaurant menu development to staff training. Contact us to request service today to create the right plan for success.


My philosophy:   In a world where global markets are ever changing, populations around the world are rising, and our environment is struggling to keep up, it can be difficult to keep innovation, health, and taste in the forefront of your restaurant concept development. Turn to my restaurant consulting services to give you a fresh perspective! 


The Right Concept for Success

It seems like each day, another new restaurant opens. Unfortunately, many of these eateries do not survive long, as they are not equipped with the right plan. By turning to me for your restaurant business consulting, you will ensure that you have the perfect menu and staff in place. I listen to your ideas and preferences to put together a menu that is efficient, economic, and ecologic.

As an established vegan chef, I have helped countless clients build their brand. Some of my success stories include Park Slope Brewing Co, Vynl Diner, The Tudor Grill, Flying Burritos, and Marty’s V Burger. I work from the ground up to ensure that every detail is in place before food service can begin.

Plant-Based Restaurant Planning

I believe that plant-based foods are the future, and restaurants focused on creating delicious and ecological meals will outlast those with traditional menu items. My restaurant menu development takes this belief to the next level. By turning to me for assistance, you will create the perfect menu of delicious and economical meals. Whether your concern is the health of diners, the environment, the welfare of fellow beings, or a combination of the three, count on me to craft unique menu items.

Contact me for plant-based consulting for your eatery. I offer vegan menu development for restaurants throughout New York City and the Hudson Valley.


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Vegan Chef Consultant Specialist

Vegan Chef Consultant Specialist

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