Experienced Restaurant Consultant

Why am I doing this?

When you're so invested in your business or restaurant, it can sometimes feel like you have blinders on in regards to what's working and what's not. I am a food service consultant who offers a fresh perspective. Inspired by the future of food, I am passionate about recipes that makes sense economically, environmentally, and healthfully. I have had my hands in every aspect of the restaurant industry, and throughout the decades of bussing, managing, opening and running  my own restaurant, and finally consulting, I have learned a lot about what makes a successful business. It is my passion to share this through vegan chef consulting.

What are my qualifications?

Armed with degrees in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management from Johnson and Wales University, I have worked in restaurants at home and abroad. I have been doing this for a long, long time. Along the way, I opened the Park Slope Brewing Co, Vynl Diner, The Tudor Grill, Flying Burritos, Relish, Bliss Grand and several others including Marty's V Burger. I also had a large hand in the initial roll-out of Beyond Meat's plant based products.

What is it like to work with me?

Those who know me say that I stand the tallest when I'm in the kitchen. It's my wheelhouse. It's that confidence that gives me the tools you seek when things start to get overwhelming. My speciality is building trust by being supportive.  With those key aspects, the consulting relationship  works best. It is my goal to ensure that all parties involved start and finish on equal footing. I take my work very seriously, and you will never experience anything more than the utmost professionalism. This relationship works best when we are both committed, and that's why the initial consultation is so important. 

What's my philosophy on restaurant consulting?

Mise en place. Everything in it's place. If everything is not organized and in place before service starts, no one could be ready when the floodgates are opened. This ideology spills over into every aspect of food service. With immense attention to detail, I believe in doing everything for its own sake. Preparation is key. It's here where we begin our consultation relationship. The end goal is appealing to the masses while also minimizing expenditures with that same efficiency that comes with preparation. With your ideas or menu in mind, we put together a menu that is efficient, economic, and ecologic.

Who am I?

Local to New York City and the beautiful Hudson Valley, I am quintessentially a New York foodie. I grew up eating and cooking a typical animal-based diet, but everything changed for me when I learned about how animals are treated who are raised for our consumption and what's hiding in them that you would never have imagined. After a visit to Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, the decision was made. I shifted my lifestyle, both professionally and at home, to one based on good, whole, organic, plant-based foods that do more than just satiate hunger.  It is my belief that plant-based foods are the future, whether your major concern is the health of your clientele, the environment, or the welfare of fellow beings. I also believe that plant-based food should be delicious, and offer considerably more than your typical black bean burger or pasta primavera. Anything you can cook, I can cook vegan!

A Vegan Chef Consultant Who is Ready To Assist You

A Vegan Chef Consultant Who is Ready To Assist You